#WriteMotivation – May Week 1 Update



M Andrew P wheedled me into signed up for WriteMotivation again this month even though I was bad last month and didn’t get around to commenting on anyone’s posts. Here are the goals I set for myself:


  1. Keep working on Northern Heat and other in progress projects.
  2. Start a reboot of Favored as NA and see how it feels.
  3. Promo for Sorceress 1 virtual book tour.
  4. Read books as my secret reviewer self.

Here’s how I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve gotten a little over 4k combined written on Northern Heat & another WIP (which is tentatively titled “Fragmented Bond”.
  2. I did this. It felt…wrong. So I tried a different NA. I wrote 2k on it and sputtered out. This has been shelved for now.
  3. The tour starts on the 12th. I’m so promo’d out from last month’s 3 releases that I can’t get up enough energy to do this. Plus, this is last year’s release. Everyone on my Twitter & FB already know about it. Hence why I paid someone else to promo for it. I’ll wait until the 12th and then comment and such on the new blogs I’m visiting.
  4. I’ve read one book so far this month. But I’m halfway through another and have also been listening to an audio book on the commute home. I’m 3/4 of the way through that one.

How have you done on your goals?

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