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Today Richard Flores IV stopped by for a crazy/awkward interview. His post-apocalyptic novel “Broken Trust” is coming soon. Check out the blurb:

Earth is no longer teeming with human life. After a major mass extinction event, the world is no longer able to function as it once had. Governments have collapsed and those that survived are left to figure out what is next for the human race.


Liam Fisher never wanted to be a leader. But after finding survivors, protecting them, and founding the city-state of Lagoon Hills; the people demanded he be their leader. Instead, Liam agreed to sit on a Council with four other leaders.


Together with Talya Brooks, the person who saved his life after the collapse, Liam runs the militia of Lagoon Hills. And though it was tough early on, the people of the city now live in relative comfort and safety.


But Liam is fighting his own personal demons: The loss of his wife and unborn son. Rachel, a past lover he never really got over, has suddenly arrived at the city gates. And the mounting stress of a neighboring city-state threatening war.


The people of Lagoon Hills are counting on Liam for their safety. Can he keep himself together and be the leader everyone wants him to be? Or will the people closest to him be the greatest threat of all?

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Check out Richard’s:

Crazy/Awkward Interview with Richard Flores IV

*gestures at the empty seat beside her* Hey, Richard! It’s silly hat day. I hope you brought a hat. If not, pick one from the box there. *points* Want a piece of fancy chocolate or cheese? *eyes carefully to see which is picked*

*Takes cheese and points behind Anya* What’s that over there? *scoops all the chocolate into his bag* Oh, never mind it was just the shadow of my Dr. Seuss hat. The odd part is, I didn’t know it was crazy hat day.

Love the hat! So it sounds like there’s a lot of back-story in this book. Did you write any short stories or prequels for that content?

Actually, Broken Trust was originally a short story, one that was supposed to end with the main character finding a group of survivors. But, I became very fascinated with the world, and the story morphed into Broken Trust. This story focuses more on characters, and the rebirth of the human race. But right now there is no sequel or prequel written for this book.

That leads me into my next question:

Q: You’re asked to write a prequel or sequel to any book, movie, or TV show. What would you pick and what would happen in your prequel/sequel?

A: Wow, that is a tough one. I’ve always wanted to write an official novelization in the Tomb Raider game world. I would like to explore that world more, and more of who Lara Croft is as a person. Lately the games have gone more in depth and it would be such a fun world to write in. But copyright laws and all that stuff. *rolls his eyes*

Anyway, that is how I am going to dodge this difficult question.

Q: You fall down an abandoned mine shaft and discover an entire tiny world. The critters living there think you’re their god. They make sacrifices in your honor. What do they call you and what do you hope they sacrifice? Bonus: What are they called? And do you ever want to leave?

A: *looks confused* You mean people don’t already worship me? I certainly wouldn’t require any sacrifices, but if they happened to sacrifice cows and serve them to me as steaks, I wouldn’t complain. And, no I wouldn’t leave, unless it was to bring back others to see my minions.

Q: Fill in the blank: The one thing you’d never want to have dropped down your trousers is ___________.

A: Wait, why are you holding a tub of scorpions?

Q: Super speed is affordably and safely achieved tomorrow. You hope the vehicle it comes in a) is shaped like a penny-farthing b) smells like wet gym socks c) only runs on children’s tears

A: Shaped like a penny-farthing. I rode one to get here today.

Q: Selfies are outlawed tomorrow. What annoying new pastime replaces them on the Internet?

A: People will begin taking pictures of bridges at odd angles with random animals on them. They will call them Bridgies. And everyone will try to get ducks on the bridge, because… come on duck face.

Q: Speaking of selfies, what is the oddest angle you’ve ever taken a photograph from?

A: *Looks back and forth* I suppose that depends on what I am taking a picture of. But I really don’t get the pictures people take where they are holding the camera way above their head and taking the picture down on their face. That is an awkward angle.

Q: How do you feel about Anglerfish?

A: Think they are fascinating. There is so much about life in the oceans we don’t know and haven’t discovered. Anglerfish are an example of just how weird it can get. And if life on Earth can look like that, here really isn’t any limit to what life on other planets could be like.

Q: Your family pet starts talking. What are you most worried she’d say?

A: She had better keep her damn mouth shut if she wants another meal. Besides, I think I have more dirt on her than she does on me.

Q: Fill in the blank: In the event of a cataclysmic extinction, always have a _____________ ready to ________________.

A: Well this ties right into my book. I think you need to have a plan in place and ready to go. There is a lot of focus on having food, water, medical supplies, those sorts of things. But, people underestimate the panic factor. Not just for themselves but for the world as a whole. People will turn violent, so you either need to have a plan to get to somewhere safe. Or a plan to defend yourself. Preferably both.


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