Even MORE Dynamic Verbs for Sex Scenes

noun verb arouses meMy most popular blog posts to date are the ones about writing sex scenes, so here is an addendum to the one about words you might use in sex/love scenes.

I’ve focused it strictly to verbs this time…ones that are a little better than “He put his hands…” and “She went, ‘Oh.'”.

And I stuck it in a Google spreadsheet so it could be easily updated (and downloaded, because you guys might not have jumped on the Evernote bandwagon yet).

This will be an ever-changing list (so come back now and then to get a new version!).

Got a verb that isn’t here and should be? COMMENT! I’ll <3 you forever.

Remember, word choice and how you use the word is key! So you probably wouldn’t want to have your hero mangle his lady love. However she might want to mangle a pillow because of his stellar technique between her thighs.

Download the document’s current version here.


  • Do you like it this way or where it was divided up into different categories like here?
  • Do you have any other writing help you want someone to write a post about? 😀


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