Thursday Hootenanny – What IS it?!


hootenanny |ˈho͞otnˌanē|

noun (pl. hootenannies) informal
an informal gathering with folk music and sometimes dancing.

ORIGIN 1920s (originally US, denoting a gadget or ‘thingamajig’): of unknown origin.

I’ve come up with a new blog Meme: “Thursday Hootenanny” (at least I THINK it’s new).

The idea?

Invite someone to visit your blog…an author, a musician, a poet, an actor…ANYONE! Ask them to give you their dance-song-of-the-day and an animated picture or video of someone dancing. Bonus points if it’s of them dancing. Spotlight your visitor’s latest book, song, poem, show. Grab the Thursday Hootenanny image above and shove it in your post. Post your Hootenanny on Thursdays.

Link back to this post so I can invade your awesome hootenanny!

Here’s what I mean about the first part:

A Hootenanny featuring Christopher Walken & Goldfrapp’s “Strict Machine”.

hootenanny-cw03 hootenanny-cw02 hootenanny-cw01

Join in!

Are you an author, musician, poet, actor or ANYONE? Let’s BOOGIE!


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