#Writemotivation July – Week…erm 3? Update

WMJuly14I signed up for Write Motivation for July since I’m am doing Camp Nano. And didn’t get around to posting an update during week 2 *pulls a face*, so here’s the comprehensive update.

Here are my hopefully realistic goals:

  1. Do CampNaNo (50k) which equals working toward finishing 3 manuscripts.
  2. Post Tour stuff as needed on the blog
  3. Keep reading as my secret reviewer self, especially the historical I’m supposed to read for Random.

Here’s how I’ve done so far:

  1. I’ve written 31k total (yes, I’m behind). 23k or so was on the exotic shifter manuscript (and the first draft is FINISHED!! *goober dances* and 8k on Northern Heat.
  2. I’ve been posting tour visits as needed, and scheduling all that I can. Next week the blog is full up. It’s a bit exciting!
  3. I’ve finished reading four novels & one novella, and listening to two audiobooks as my secret reviewer self. NONE of it is historical (I’m STILL waiting on it) *slump*.

How have you done on your goals?

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