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Today ER Pierce stopped by for a crazy/awkward interview. Check out the blurbs:


he Hot Lunch Series

Eating Out

Samantha Baker isn’t interested in being another notch on Ryan Fellows bedpost, but she can’t deny he’s got style, charisma, and prowess. When he invites her to have lunch out of the blue, she finds she can’t ignore the way his eyes caress her, nor the way he seems to know exactly what she needs…

Contains references to light BDSM in the form of a spanking, and Samantha must call Ryan “Sir.”

Hot or Cold

Ryan and Samantha are back, and steamier than ever…

Samantha Baker spies a present waiting on her desk when she arrives at work one morning, and her heart skips a beat as she realizes it’s from Ryan. What sexual escapes does he have in store for her this time?

Can Ryan give up his rigid restraint and schedules in favor of impulse and passion?

Will Samantha be the one to make him lose control?

Table for Two

The third installment of the Hot Lunch Saga is here! Will Ryan and Samantha work out their differences, come together and find love? Or will their pasts tear them apart? The erotic romance continues…

Ryan and Samantha met at work and started a lunch time affair in Eating Out that quickly morphed into a sexy relationship in Hot or Cold. Now in Table for Two, they must decide if their past baggage is worth the risk, or whether they should go their separate ways.

After the events in Hot or Cold, Samantha finds herself alone, confused, and pissed off. Ryan is nowhere to be found, and she goes to great lengths in Table for Two to track him down and make him see reason.

Room 306

Philip Tanner has one rule: Don’t mix work with pleasure.

His strict no dating at the workplace policy has always served him well, that is, until recently when a sultry brunette started haunting his every fantasy in the form of family attorney: Katie Riley.

Katie Riley has a secret crush.

Her best friend Samantha knows she’s infatuated with a certain prosecutor, but she’s held back her passion out of respect for her friends new relationship. However, she can’t help craving the one thing she told herself not to want: Philip Tanner.

Now she’s tired of ignoring her carnal desires and she’s about to present him with a case he won’t be able to refute.

Room 69

Philip Tanner broke his only rule and mixed business with pleasure, in the delectable form of Katie Riley, and now he has a choice to make. Should he date and woo her, or try to flush her from his system for good?

Katie Riley isn’t sure she wants more than a one night stand with the sexy prosecuting District Attorney, Philip Tanner. She’s afraid he may be the one man with the power to break her heart.

Will she put her case on the line in order to stake her claim?

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Crazy/Awkward Tour Interview with ER Pierce

Q: Fill in the blank: When I was little I wanted to be a ________ when I grew up.

A: When I was young, I wanted to be an Architect. I’ve always been fascinated with the lines and shapes of houses and buildings. I’d rearrange my parents living room furniture, and my bedroom, constantly. My mom and dad would come home and just shake their heads when the couch was in a different location, or I’d designed a new curtain option. I went to Becker College for Interior Design. I worked for a while, then had children and made the choice to become a stay at home mom. Nowadays I use my design skills to create book covers, banners, and other marketing material for myself and friends.

Q: Fill in the blank: The one thing you’d never want to have dropped down your trousers is ___________.

A: The one thing I’d never want dropped down my trousers is a big, hairy spider. I don’t hate spiders – I find them useful and beneficial, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say they scare the crap out of me. They are super creepy! Shudders. Places like Australia have always been on my bucket list to visit, but then I saw all the deadly things that live there… like they have those giant jumping spider things… um. No thanks! I’ll love you from afar, Australia.

Q: Fill in the blank: The _______ made me do it.

A: The hellspawn made me do it. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it) {for those not familiar with me, my four children are my hellspawn}

Q: Create an incense stick, what is it called and what does it smell like?

A: Ryan Fellows from the Hot Lunch Series is charged with making a new incense scent. After much careful deliberation, he decides on an: orange essence infused dark chocolate with a hint of allspice. He’s calling it: Spooky Sex in honor of October.

Q: Most of the books I read and write have steamy love scenes in them so I’m curious, what do you find sexy?

A: I find so many things sexy when I’m writing (and reading) One of the biggest are the small touches. Anyone can have sex – but there needs to be a connection, a spark, something that draws the characters together. It’s heat, chemistry. His hand at the small of your back while your walking, shy fingers grazing each other as you stroll side by side. The pivotal moment when you stare into each others eyes, right before your lips touch, that small hesitation, the erotic anticipation.

Then you have the other senses: smell, taste, hearing. Writing sex scenes and love or romance should be about eliciting a tangible response in your reader. I want to smell the lavender in the summer air, taste the cinnamon toothpaste your lover used, hear their shuddering intake of breath. That’s what I find sexy.

Q: If you had to lose a limb, which one would it be and what would you replace it with?

A: If I had to lose a limb, I guess I’d choose a leg. It’s easier (ugh, like it’s easy) to have a metal limb to walk than a fake arm. I know I’d persevere no matter what limb was taken, but I’d like to keep my arms/hands.

Q: Guillermo del Toro taps you to write his next movie. What is it called and what is the one line blurb?

A: If Guillermo del Toro asked me to write a movie, I’d pick my Cordelia Kelly world (Dark, monsters, good vs. evil, empaths) Her and Sol would be right up his alley and jump into his wheelhouse. A title and a one line blurb… I’m sticking with Duality and the line: Step into my world, where emotion reigns and blood spills…

Q: What keeps the darkness at bay?

A: Yoga. Meditation and yoga keep me balanced. Some days are better than others. When the darkness is deepest, I write.

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