Happy New Year + news & recaps

happy-new-year-2015-colorful-pics-wallpaperMay 2015 bring you everything you desire!

Working at a university means I get a nice long break around the holidays. That break  means I royally screw up my sleep schedule. So reclined in bed, drooling on my pillow, I realized I haven’t posted much in the way of updates here on my blog.

There’s several reasons for that. Chief among them is I feel like any post about me is a bit…self promoting, which, well is the point. I’ve never quite gotten the hang of promoting myself. *hangs head*

In any case, I figured I’d give you some news and recaps for the new year.

First up, recaps.


I sat down to write this post and was like wait…is that right, I released four books this year? Holy crap, I’d forgotten about all of these! Needless to say, that made me feel like less of a slacker.


The first release was the third book in the super fun Randy’s Diner erotic romance series, J’s Crush. Then came a paranormal erotic romance about Water witches, Guarded Heart. I also released the second & third installments of my urban fantasy series The Only Sorceress, The Sorceress Screams &  The Drowning Sorceress.


I also a serial, the urban fantasy, Dark Side of Black (now finished!)


On the blog side, I signed up to be a blog tour host so I could promote even more author offerings. That’s been an interesting experience as I tinker with what works best for my visitors and what doesn’t. I’m also trying to be better about visiting other blogs, too.


rwaI joined up with the Romance Writers of America in August and started going to the Indiana meetings in September. I’ve met a great bunch of authors, and hope to continue pushing my writing career. At the fall retreat they held in November, I dipped my toes into CreateSpace/print. I’ve since formatted my self-published books for print, and hope to release them in the next month or so!

I even managed to do NaNoWriMo this year, and finished by the skin of my teeth.

Spot me a quarter mile away

This year I earned the reputation of having interesting hosiery. That’s probably apt. Most people have underwear & sock drawers, I’ve got one of those, and a hosiery drawer (seriously it’s a huge drawer brimming with hosiery). Here’s one of this year’s acquisitions, neon green tights by We Love Colors.



I also ruined a few new diets with my holiday fudge. I regret nothing 😉



Editing? Hmm…maybe

Entranced-Corporate-logo1-smallI did a nine-month freelance editing stint between 2013 and 2014 for the now defunct Entranced Publishing. This, too, was an interesting experience. I learned a lot about myself, about writing, and how other authors work. I’m really glad I did it. And glad it’s over because the pace at which I had to work was a bit much given my day job workload. This isn’t something I’d want to do all the time, but I’d be open to a few projects here and there in the future.


Clearly I’m not happy unless I stupid busy. Which is why when I quit the editing business, I picked up the reviewing business (well, I’m not getting paid) on a friend’s blog under an alter ego (because seriously, have you seen some of the things authors do if you give them a bad review?). I’m also reviewing for Romance at Random, which gives me access to a whole horde of amazing books.

2014’s book goal was I think 85 books (I started at 75 and upped it when I realized I was going to pass that). I ended the year at 94. Audiobooks on the commute into work have made that number possible.

In 2015 I’m shooting for 90 books.

N@N-PreviewNailed at Night

Melissa and I have been posting a little less regularly over on our beauty blog Nailed at Night, but boy have we had some awesome giveaways. If you’re not following that blog, you’re doing yourself a disservice. We’ve given away hundreds of dollars worth of nail polish and samples over there all for the price of a Tweet or a follow.

News for 2015

This year I intend to continue promoting other authors as well as release the print books I mentioned above, and at least one new e-book, probably Sorceress #4! I don’t think I can match last year’s four releases, but I’d like to do at least two.

And I will finish Northern Heat in 2015. That’s been a fun experience writing my first menage erotic romance. Do I think there will be more menage’s in my future? I have no idea. You’ll have to let me know how you like that one. Your feedback will definitely play a part in what I do. (Don’t you feel powerful!)

For fans of my YA Time’s Daughter, I’m tossing around the idea of doing a pick your own path book 2 and keeping the love triangle I’d built. If I can get my butt in gear, fans will be able to pick Team Alex or Team Mystery Guy after they read the first half of book 2. It should be exciting and different, and hopefully satisfy all of those who have been asking me to write a sequel 😉

Other things I’ve got in progress:

  • Randy’s #4 – E’s Beast (a first person POV erotic romance)
  • Fragmented Realm chic lit stories featuring “exotic shifters”
  • And a bazillion other works in progress I bounce between

So that’s the updates!

How was your 2014, and what’s in store for 2015?


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