Crazy/Awkward Interview: A.D. Ellis


Today A.D. Ellis stopped by for a crazy/awkward interview to celebrate her latest book. Check out the blurb:


Loving Josie, A Torey Hope Novel

This is a stand-alone novel and does not need to be read in order.

Josie Decker has spent her whole life as an unloved and unwanted bother. Like a wild horse captured and bridled, Josie’s spirit is broken. She devises a plan to start her life anew; silently biding her time, she waits for the perfect moment. When that moment arises, Josie takes the opportunity and runs freely into an uncertain future in Torey Hope.

Kyle Martin is a tattooed, pierced, bad boy with a heart of gold. Marching to the beat of his own drummer, Kyle meets his perfect match early on in life. Devastating circumstances beyond his control plunge Kyle into dark despair and suffocating blackness. In an effort to escape the blackness, Kyle accepts an offer from an old friend and moves to Torey Hope.

Josie and Kyle hit it off as close friends and kindred spirits right away. Both are harboring secrets and sadness, but the connection between them is bringing light back to their smiles, their hearts, their lives. Kyle and Josie cling to each other as they battle guilt and crushed spirits. Through it all, with a lot of help from an unexpected accomplice, Kyle and Josie come to view each other in a new light.

When the past catches up to them and causes their lives to come crashing down, will Kyle and Josie get the chance to see where their future is headed? Or will they be forced to admit they waited too long to embrace what was right in front of them the whole time?

A heart-wrenching and heart-warming love story of cherishing the past while embracing the future.

Available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble

Check out A.D.Ellis’s:

Crazy/Awkward Interview with A.D. Ellis

*gestures at the empty seat beside her* Hey, A.D! Oh, um, hang on, lemme move that Jaba the Hut stuffed animal. *knocks it onto the floor, hears a hiss* Hah, whoops. That was my cat. He’s a little…*waves her hand in a moon shape* yeah.

*Points at the table* Want a piece of fancy chocolate or cheese? *eyes carefully to see which is picked*

Mmmm, chocolate….*eyes Anya to see if she looks away long enough so I can take another piece*

*Anya yawns BIG and loud*

*just enough time to grab a second piece of chocolate*
*chewing quickly, hoping she doesn’t notice, trying to savor the delicious chocolate*

So Josie and Kyle from Loving Josie sound like they’ve had a bit of a rough time prior to meeting. If the ratio of the heart-wrenching versus heart-warming in this story were symbolized by a pie chart, how big would my heart-warming piece of German chocolate cake be? er, I mean the heart-warming piece of chocolate pie…er…*takes a deep breath and tries again* What does the pie chart look like?

If I were to make a cake, oh, um, PIE chart of this story, the heartwrenching past award goes to Kyle by a sliver of pie. Readers will be served about ⅜ to ½ of the heartwrenching pie through Kyle and Josie’s backstories. Have no fear though, Pie Lovers, erhm, READERS! A solid ½ to ⅝ of the pie is heartwarming for sure.

Sounds delicious, er I mean GREAT! That leads me into my next question:

Q: If you had to create a dessert for the book or a character in the book, what would be in it, what would you name it, and how easy would it be to burn down the house making it?

A: Funny you should mention that….each of my books so far have contained a tried-and-true recipe from my mother’s cookbook (note I didn’t say from MY cookbook….cooking and I don’t exactly get along)…but, I digress….Each book has a food written into the story and then that recipe is included in the end. In Loving Josie, she gets a recipe for “Libby’s Little Butter Cookies” from her cousin, Libby. There’s another name given to this cookies, but it may not be appropriate for daytime interviews. (An aside, these cookies REALLY are named “Libby’s Little Butter Cookies” and I’ve been in love with them since I was a little girl; the name of the recipe just so happened to fit the character Libby in the story perfectly.)
Also in Loving Josie is a recipe for some to-die-for (and EASY!) blueberry pancakes. Too bad Kyle Martin doesn’t come with the recipe. Mmmmm….. if I had to create a recipe for him, it would be called “Sex-on-a-Stick” and it would be filled with all sorts of bad-for-you ingredients and wrapped in a lovely package.

Yum! Bad-for-me ingredients are the only kind I like. Now for the awkward part *grins*

Q: You open a bottle of your favorite berry-flavored wine and discover a world of tiny creatures living inside of it. They declare your their royal overlord and offer to do your bidding. First, how pissed off are you that you have no wine? Second, what do you have your tiny creatures do for you? And what would you have them call you?

A: Have you been snooping in my wine supply? Blueberry wine, raspberry wine, red moscato…, do I have time to go get a glass? No? Fine.
Hmmm, tiny creatures in my wine. Well, if they’ve consumed my precious sweet wine, I’m assuming they are quite inebriated so sending them off to buy me more wine right this moment probably isn’t wise. Once they sober up though, they are off to The Wine Spot to get me a few more bottles for sure!
My bidding? *evil laugh while rubbing hands together* Aha! I know! First, all of my Ellis-tonians will search my home for all missing socks!
Oh! Oh! I have another one! Next, they will find all of the missing pieces to my children’s toys.
Finally, they will spend their days cleaning my bathrooms, washing my dishes, and putting away all laundry. Between those jobs, they will start a healthy supper that my children will actually eat and correct all comma misuses in my manuscript.
And be sure my wine is never depleted unnecessarily again.

I think you totally just answered one of my standard questions without realizing it (Describe your perfect minion). A+++, Ms. Ellis!

ferengiQ:How do you feel about Ferengi?

A: As the parent of a child who has had more ear infections than I can count, I feel for the Ferengi due to their vulnerability to severe ear infections. I wonder if the Ferengi medical community has considered tubes to help cut down on the infections? Truly, it was a God-send for my child.
Also, not to judge on appearances, but I envy the Ferengi in part because they don’t have to worry about bad hair days.
*Looking around nervously hoping Anya doesn’t catch on to the fact that I’m totally Googling ‘ferengi’ as we speak*

Full disclosure, I had to Google to make sure I’d spelled it correctly, but *hangs head* it was the first thing that popped in my head. Yeah, I’m an uber-nerd. Okay, NEXT!

Q: A video of you from a holiday party gets leaked onto YouTube, you hope it a) features you making pithy remarks about wombats, b) line dancing to Billy Ray Cyrus, c) landing face first into a bowl of buffalo chicken dip, or d) all of the above.


A: Wombats and I have always had a decent relationship, so A is out.
There’s a very strong possibility that said video could feature line dancing and, while it wouldn’t hurt my “Achy Breaky Heart”, the last dance moves I was performing weren’t to Billy Ray.
I am a fan of buffalo chicken dip, as long as it’s not super greasy. You know the kind? Too much cheese or something and it’s all drippy and leaving oily spots everywhere.
Wait, what was the question?

*puts down her wine glass and hiccups* Um, I forget. We’ll move on.

grey-poupon-(mustard)-710x1024Q: Grey Poupon, great condiment or greatest?

A: I’m a fan of a good spicy mustard in small amounts. I’m not picky, though, most any spicy mustard will do. Turkey, cheese, pickles, cucumbers, spinach, a thin layer of spicy mustard. Yum!

Q: You can only wear one color for the rest of your life. What color is it?

A: Blue, no purple, no blue. Yes, blue. I love both colors, but blue is my favorite. I may have several different shirts all in the same color of blue *glances down to notice I’m wearing a blue shirt right now* Yeah, I really like blue.

Q: An evil hottie captures you in an airtight room and plays two songs repeatedly. The first song is your absolute favorite, and he plays it when you’ve been good. The second is the tune that drives you crazy (and obviously gets played when you’re a bad monkey). What are the two songs, and which one does the evil hottie play more? Bonus question: what’s the first thing you do when you finally break free?

A: I switch favorite songs like people should switch underwear. “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole is a sure-fire song to make me smile and has stood the test of time for at least a few years.

I switch “songs-that-should-never-be-played-again” the way people should go to the dentist. Lately, I’ve found I’m about ready to throat-punch anyone who plays “Jealous” by Nick Jonas or “Let Me Take a Selfie” by The Chainsmokers.
Mr. Evil Hottie will play “Over the Rainbow” most of the time, but I will possibly start to get tired of that song, so I’ll have to be bad a little so that I can hear some varied songs.

Q: I’m listening to a 2015 Spotlight on Spotify and one of the dudes just said “shortie” *glares at the computer* What popular slang phrase/term makes you want to claw out eyes or other soft bits?

A: “My boo”, “totes”, “difs”, “bro” (this one is from my 10 male students, they call each other bro all day long), “BFF”. I really feel that we should bring back phrases like “as if”, “totally”, “awesome”, and “for sure”. “Gag me with a spoon” is a classic as well.

I’m totally for sure into bringing back most of those, too!

Q: Fill in the blank: Once, I _______________ in the _____________ with the _____________.

A: Once, I almost died in the ocean with the deep water and family surrounding me.
Did I mention that I have a great fear of deep/open water?
Perhaps I am dramatizing the incident a bit. However, the facts remain: I didn’t want to ride a jet-ski. My husband and his brothers forced me on one. The waves turned our vehicle over. I was thrown into deep/dark/open water. I had a panic attack. I pulled myself to safety only to be toppled off again. I continued having a panic attack. Death was imminent. Luckily, I was rescued by my brother-in-law. Almost 19 years later, I’m still a source of laughter for my in-laws. I have never ridden a jet-ski again and I have no plans to do so. Ever.

So Jet skis are the Devil, got it.


Thanks for sitting down with me Ms. Ellis! Can’t wait to see the latest Torey Hope release!

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