Guest Blog: Top 10 Legendary Cougars by Jewel Quinlan (@jewelquinlan)

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Today I’m handing the blog over to Jewel Quinlan. She’s crafted a sweet list for me: the top ten legendary cougars. Check it out!


Top 10 Legendary Cougars

Men have been doing it for centuries, yes centuries; dating or marrying women far younger than they are. Now that I am older I think, “If they have been able to do it all this time what’s the big taboo for us women to do it?” So, in the spirit of my newly released book Man Candy, I put together this list of the Top 10 Legendary Cougars (according to me and some popular websites) for you all to enjoy. I was certainly inspired. These women have already been doing it, paving the trail for the rest of us. So I say to those of you who are adventurous, go forth and explore! And to those of you who are mothers, keep your sons locked up. LOL

  1. Halle Barry – Was married to model Gabriel Aubry who is 10 years younger. Currently married to French actor Olivier Martinez.
  2. Joan Lunden – was the co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America. Married Jeff Konigsberg who is 10 years younger when she was close to fifty. Then they had two sets of twins via a surrogate. Go girl!
  3. Raquel Welch – has been married 4 times. Her 4th husband, Richard Palmer, is 15 years younger than she is.
  4. Demi Moore – was married to Ashton Cutcher who is 15 years younger than she is. It’s said that she (now 51) is currently dating 27-year-old Sean Friday, who is the drummer of the band Dead Sara.
  5. Jennifer Lopez – dated Casper Smart for a couple years. He is 18 years her junior. I think J-Lo can do better than that.
  6. Susan Sarandon – Used to be with Tim Robbins who is 12 years younger than she is. She is in her mid-60’s and currently with Jonathan Bricklin who is in his mid-30’s. They’ve been dating for three years.
  7. Sharon Stone – recently seen making out with supermodel Martin Mica who is 30 years younger.
  8. Madonna – Has a history of dating men significantly younger than she is. She was married to Guy Ritchie who was 10 years younger. Said to be now dating Brahim Zaibat, a French break dancer, who is more than half her junior. Such and inspiring woman. Always breaking the boundaries.
  9. Ivana Trump – When she was 59 she married Rossano Rubicondi who is 23 years her junior.
  10. Joan Collins – Was married 5 times. Number five is Percy Gibson who is 32 years younger than she is.

I nominate Joan MVP!


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Man Candy


Commercial real estate agent, Ava Baldassari, is done with being a good girl. Recently having revamped her self-image, home and wardrobe she finds there is one thing left that needs updating; her sex life.

She runs into her friend and running partner, Cole, one night when she is out with a friend. A bit drunk she flirts with him and is surprised by the enthusiastic response he gives back.

Things reach a point where she has to make a decision whether or not to cross a line she never has before.

Ava is forty and Cole is twenty-five, is she really ready to become a cougar?


“I’ve been wanting to do this for a while,” he whispered in my ear, still pressed against me as he unzipped my dress.

Me too, I wanted to say. But I didn’t. I was adrift in the onslaught of sensation as he slid the fabric from me, trailing kisses down my back as it went. Making me aware as I never had been of how sensitive the skin there could be. When he reached the small of my back, he lingered, kneading my skin with his tongue and teeth. His hands ran down my legs and then back up to my breasts, and I savored the feel of his fingers. My breaths came heavier. I had been needing this for too long.

He rose and turned me toward him, towering over me. His cap was gone and his dark hair was askew, as though he had run his fingers through it, giving him that sexy just-woke-up look. I slid my fingers from the waist of his jeans, underneath his shirt, to his muscled back. The ridges of strength there were too tempting beneath my fingertips. How did he find the time to work out that much? I had to see with my own eyes. Fisting the hem of his shirt in my hands, I pulled his t-shirt up to remove it. Why should I be the only one standing here naked? With a chuckle, he complied, lifting the shirt over his head and flinging it away in the casual manner of an underwear model on TV.

Sure, I had imagined what he looked like with his shirt off, but the reality was ten times better. He had a runner build, but that was filled out with muscle. The planes of his chest were topped by strong shoulders and arms, which seemed to blossom over the lean ridges of his abdominals, creating a definite contrast. I couldn’t help reaching out and touching him. I ran my hands over his skin, tracing my way upward to the light coating of black hair on his pectorals. He leaned his pelvis into me, forehead on mine, his erection pressing into me, making me shiver with anticipation.

We were on the brink of something oh-so-good, and I was dying to plunge ahead. Yet, I hesitated. Questions burned in my mind. I tried to hold them back, knowing serious talk would ruin the moment. That lasted about two seconds before I gave in.

“Um…” I said.

He lifted his head from mine and looked at me.

I cocked my head at him. “Did you just say you’ve been wanting to do this for a while?” Had he been scoping me out all this time, as I had him?

He nodded. “Who wouldn’t? Look at you. You’re gorgeous.”

I glanced down at myself. My ample buxom looked perfect in the black, lace push-up bra I wore, and the matching thong sat just right, low on my hips. I still had on my red heels, which added a lady-killer effect.

Then I glanced at him. The smoldering look he gave me trumped anything I observed on the physical plane. The messages coming from him on a subliminal level promised pleasure that made me squirm with heat.

“You know it’s going to be good between us, Ava,” Cole said.

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During the day, she works as a pharmaceutical sales representative and, at night, she writes romance. She currently lives in Orange County, California with her dog Penny.

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