Juicebox Dialogues Video Interview with…ME?! (Yes, me…on camera)

Through Indiana RWA I met author Jillian Jacobs. And she introduced me to loads of authors, every single one of them awesome. Jillian is super supportive of everyone, and she’s the inspiration for my New Years resolution of being more support of…well everyone, too.

So when I asked her to do a crazy/awkward interview (coming soon), and she suggested we do it as a video…and that she interview me on video as well…I agreed. You’re probably thinking…whoa, holy crap, we never get to see you Anya. And you’re right. Camera shy doesn’t describe me. I’m camera aggressive.

In any case, here’s the interview with appearances by Tia Catalina, A.D. Ellis, and Aleatha Romig.

I talk about hosiery, my favorite chocolate, what’s coming up this year, and my tentative plans for Time’s Daughter…


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