Tuesday Jams [#24] – Kristin Diable, Cowboy Mouth, Irma Thomas

Tuesday-JamsSharonda from Brazen Babe Reviews came up with this “meme” called Tuesday Jams. Her idea is simple: share a song you’ve been loving like crazy lately.

What’s yours?

My obsessions this week are more Jazz Fest peeps, Kristin Diable, Cowboy Mouth, Irma Thomas.

I’d never heard of Kristen prior to seeing her live. On some of her songs she’s got a sound that reminded me of Stevie Nicks.  However she came out and did an a cappella cover of Nina Simone’s Be My Husband. I don’t know that anything else she sang was quite as good as this one, but I was definitely on board for all of it.

Kristin Diable


Cowboy Mouth is an artist I had heard of because of, as their lead singer said, “alternative radio in the late 90’s” (at least New Orleans-area alternative radio…yeah, I’m old). Cowboy Mouth is really best live, and Jazz Fest 2015 was no exception.

So I’ll present you with a live performance of the song I know them for, Jenny Says. I have a leg up on y’all because I know all the lyrics already, but if you can make them out, you’ll probably understand why I dig this song.

Cowboy Mouth


Irma Thomas is a Louisiana classic who is a contemporary of Aretha Franklin and Etta James. She 74 and still belting it out. Check her out:

Irma Thomas


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