Nominate me on the Kindle Scout Program! Please?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000037_00023]Finally! A writing update.

I’ve got a title over on Kindle Scout.I’m calling it a campy exotic shapeshifter romance. Nominate LARITH’S LADY and you’ll get a free copy if/when its published!

Here’s the long blurb:

A driving skills test gone bad lands BMV worker Vanessa in a dangerous alternate dimension. Her only protection is the green-skinned foreigner who got her in the mess in the first place. Though she’s having the kinds of adventures she reads about, getting home is her primary agenda. But her protector has agendas of his own, and they include her.

Getting in good with the American government is Larith’s ticket to freedom from his king’s tyranny. Gaining human political contacts is also the first step toward improving conditions for his kind. But suburban battles with his nemesis in their exotic alternate shapes change the landscape in more ways than one.

When a BMV worker becomes collateral damage, Larith has no choice but to sacrifice a part of himself and his future to save her. They may be from different worlds, but common enemies and similar viewpoints energize these two in the fight and in each other’s arms.

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek in places and serious in others and then jumps back to tongue-in-cheek. And best of all, it takes place in an exciting new writing universe the Fragmented Realm.

So please, nominate Larith’s Lady and you’ll get your freebie if the campaign is accepted. Thanks and big slobbers to all of you!


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