6 Reasons to visit Anya Breton’s Table

May begins what I lovingly refer to as “signing season,” where a bunch of us authors on the signing circuit (if that’s not a thing, I’ve just declared it is) drive all around the country selling our wares.

Besides being super fun and sporting kick ass colored hair, I have six (6) other reasons you really want to visit my table at a book signing.

#1 – Grab a Grumpy Cat bookmark!

C’mon, you know you want one of these beauties. Just wait until you touch them!

#2 – Fancy chocolate, I haz it.

I always have something decadent at my table. Come early before I run out!

#3 – Score a rubber chicken key chain.

No one else is going to have these. And if they do? Well, whoever that is better prepare to be my new best friend!

I have a limited quantity so make sure you ask me about them!

#4 – Schmooze for nail polish.

So I decided I had way, way too many bottles of nail polish. Most of them I’ve never touched or I’ve perhaps used once. If taking barely used polish doesn’t freak you out, then by all means, sidle up to my table and ask me about my nail polish stash. You’ll go home with the good stuff!

#5 – Get inappropriately close.

As everyone who meets me knows, I suck at the selfie/groupie photo game. Ask me for a photo and chances are I’m going to get way, way too close to you. OR just ask me for a hug. I LOVE hugs! Whatever you do, I’ll make sure I don’t smell bad 😘

Here’s Anna Hague and I getting cozy!

#6 – Most of my paperbacks are just $5. For serious!

The last and of course most important reason to visit my table, most of my books are just $5. That’s a steal! You get them in person, signed and even save money. What else could you ask for? Fancy chocolate and nail polish you say? Hah hah! 😉


Want to know where I’m going to be?

Check out my handy little graphic here or click the Appearances page.

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