At the End of the World

at-the-end-of-the-world-coverThis is a FREE short erotic story, roughly 1000 words long.

Brian makes Nicole’s ultimate fantasy come true–an interlude in the desert.
Warning: this features explicit sex.

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At The End Of the World

“Right here!” Nicole jabbed a finger over the SUV’s dashboard.

The hunk in the passenger seat glanced to either side before settling his gaze on her face. “Are you sure?”

Her lips curved at the starkness of the vista spreading in all directions. “It’s perfect, Brian. There’s not a sign of life for miles.”

Brian caught her gesturing hand before it could settle atop her lap, instead settling it against his. “I’ve got your sign of life right here.”

She dropped her head back, laughing at the boyish response. But the bounce of the organ beneath her palm cut her mirth short.

“Outside,” she said, allowing her fingers to linger on his groin even as she tugged the vehicle’s handle.

Nicole shut the door on the low groan from the driver’s seat, and plunged into the heat pounding down from the relentless desert sun. He would follow her if he wanted more. And Brian always wanted more.

The landscape truly was magnificent, like something out of a post-apocalyptic movie. Nicole could imagine she and Brian were the only uninfected humans left on the planet. A glance back at the male stalking around the SUV drew a smile.

What a male to be left with.

Sapphire irises hooded beneath bronzed lids tracked her movements. He tore the black tank top from his torso, tossing it atop the SUV’s glossy hood without missing a beat. Muscles rippled as he clenched his stomach away from the waistband of a pair of white linen trousers. Two swift motions of his hands had the garment pooling at his ankles. And then he walked out of them, shamelessly strutting nude in the middle of the desert.

Nicole licked her lips at the vision of pure masculinity crossing the dusty land. He fit here, in the wilderness, like a cowboy simply missing his horse.

She broke into a run before he could reach her. Pounding steps stormed behind her. Dust floated around her hair, tickling her nose. Ducking to the left, Nicole dodged when he would have overtaken her. Brian swung out a long arm, catching her. She didn’t fight his sudden embrace.

Her nose buried into the curve of his neck. Brian’s light cologne brought countless sensory memories to mind—all of them sexy. She exhaled a shaky breath.

He rubbed his cheek against her hair. “You know it’s love when you’re willing to risk a scorpion sting to fulfill a woman’s ultimate fantasy.”

She beamed, unable to hide her smile. “I’ll make sure that’s your epitaph.”

“Woman.” Brian grunted and tangled his foot in her legs, knocking her off balance. “My epitaph better be ‘he died making her come so hard, her heart exploded’.”

She fell into him with a laugh that lasted until he pivoted, and then squat a pair of thick thighs. Down he lowered himself to the barren surface. Brian’s firm body framed by desert soil was the first of the images she’d longed to see. The second of the images she quickly arranged, lowering herself over his nude hips. His hands automatically circled her waist. A low groan rumbled up his body.

“I’d almost forgotten you weren’t wearing any panties under that skirt.”

Brian’s palms shifted, and then his fingers grazed along her side as he dragged the blouse up her body. An appreciative moan caught on the hot breeze that rushed over her bared breasts. Her nipples tightened at the deliciousness of being stripped in the outdoors. Soon the air wasn’t all that rushed over them. Brian’s mouth closed over her left nipple while his palm circled her right.

Nicole rocked back on her heels. His erection sprung free even as he followed her forward. But not for long.

She eased herself down. Hot from the pounding sun, Brian’s length was chamois smooth and toasty soft. Warmth rippled along the path from her quivering sex to her hazy brain. Defined abs clenched as he thrust forward and relaxed when he withdrew, repeating at a steadily increasing pace that was mesmerizing to watch.

Nicole tossed out her arms, delighting in the pure freedom of the moment. They might not be at the end of the world in truth, but it was easy to imagine. And if she were there with Brian, life wouldn’t be horrible.

“Nicole.” He moaned her name on his next plunge. A light shudder paused his attempt at speech. “You’ll marry me now…provided I make it back without a scorpion sting.”

She ground her pelvis, forcing him deeper into her core and ignored that it hadn’t been a question. “Just as soon as you find the one-legged, Elvis officiate.”

“I’ll chop off someone’s leg if I have to.”

Brian drew his torso off the arid terrain. His lips formed over hers, cutting her amused chuckle short.

A nip at her knee threatened to ruin the moment. Three more followed without pause. Nicole shifted away from the stinging pain.

Her lover drew back, concern crinkling his expression. “What, baby?”

She glanced to her knee. A tiny red insect scurried over her leg. “Ewwh! Ouch!”

Brian’s lips curved into a mischievous smile. “Fire ants get you?”

“They’re not getting you?”

“Oh, they are. I’m ignoring them. For you.”

Nicole’s face warmed at his sweetness. Until the stinging continued. “I can’t—”

His palm slipped beneath her ass before she could scramble up. One quick heave had her airborne, and then they were moving. Brian deposited her heels atop the SUV’s front bumper. Swiftly he brushed away the remaining insects from them both.

“Climb up there on the hood,” he said.

“We can just go back…”

“No.” His stern gaze brooked no argument. “You’re getting your fantasy if I have to burn my ass on the scalding hood.”

Fire ants, roughened terrain and now searing metal, the man was a saint.

“Oh, Bri,” she said, framing his gorgeous face in her palms. “I love you.”

“You’d better. Because a fire ant just bit my ass. Just for that, I’m going to spank yours right after I make you come.”