Randy’s Diner


A Contemporary Erotic Romance Series

Step into this sexy little diner where the staff only want to please and almost everything is on the menu.

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Service with little more than a smile.

Randy’s employees are here to serve your every whim, within the confines of the law. Many are struggling to put themselves through college, saving up for the American dream, or paying down credit cards. Here are a few guidelines to help you show your appreciation for your waitstaff:(Note: Tips are listed in levels, leave the highest level you feel comfortable leaving)

  1. Breast meat inspection — $20
  2. Spicy sausage inspection — $45
  3. Pink taco inspection — $45
  4. Handling of fresh breast meat — Free with inspection tip
  5. Handling of spicy sausage or pink taco meat — $60
  6. Inspection of outside goods for freshness by Randy’s expert waitstaff — $80
  7. Meals ending with an explosive experience — $100

Customer Rights

  • You have the right to the best burger, fries, and onion rings in the city.
  • You have the right to enjoy yourself.
  • You have the right to get comfortable.
  • You have the right to touch anything you like.
  • You have the right to make suggestions on how your server may serve you.


Your waitstaff

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