Bearly Safe

Attending a co-worker’s Halloween party dressed as a sexy fairy was the worst decision Shelby Maxwell made all week. That is until she lets her temper get the best of her in front of Dallas’s finest and ends up in the back of a police cruiser. Too bad the gorgeous jerk responsible for her bad behavior didn’t have the sense to avoid the police, himself.

When someone shoots up the party, the gorgeous jerk, Nick Kang, sprouts fur, explodes out of the police cruiser, and saves the day. Nick’s jerk streak continues as he leaves Shelby to explain what happened.

After her name is released to the press, a penitent Nick arrives to protect Shelby from the killer’s mafia associates. Close quarter guarding leads to close quarter groping and a little more intimacy than Shelby is prepared for. But it may be time to put her past behind her and accept far more than the safety Nick offers.

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“Have you ever been tied up?”

Keeping my eyes on the screen, I cleared my throat.

“Fuck,” he said. “You have. Did he fuck you while you were tied?”

The memory flared hot and bright. It wasn’t my ex who featured in it this time.

“He did,” Nick said, perhaps reading the answer on my flaming face.

“It was just one time.” I lifted the nearly empty popcorn bowl and stood. “And it wasn’t even good.”

Something knocked the bowl out of my hands before I could make it five steps. I found myself against the wall, inches away from the kitchen door with a lithe man in my way. Nick gathered my left arm with the right he’d already hoisted over my head.

Holding me by the wrists, he settled his chest against mine. His freed hand stroked up my side. “You’re lying.”

Something in his dark voice had me staying very still. Then again, it was probably the knowledge that he was a dangerous creature.

But wait, I hadn’t said anything, had I? Maybe he’d read it in my face.

“It was good.” Nick tightened his grip on my wrists, eyes matching the move. “Or it wasn’t just one time. Which is it, Shelby?”

I couldn’t think when he was this close. Or I’d have remembered what I’d said. “What does it matter? And why do you think I’m lying?” I’d sounded far too breathless for my liking.

“I can smell it.”

My eyebrows winged up. “You can what?”

“An aroma like spoiled milk fills the air when you lie.”

That was…disturbing. Had I lied to him any other time?

And wait, was it just me? If so, I really needed to know how to get around his talent. “When I lie? Or when anyone lies?”

“Anyone. Which was the lie?” He punctuated the question with a squeeze to my wrist.

“Seriously, what does it matter?”

“It was good,” he decided. “Or you wouldn’t be trying to keep the answer from me.”

“Believe what you will,” I said even though he was right. It had been good. Just like my breathlessness now was because he had me in just about the same position my ex had years ago.

“It’s not a matter of belief. It’s a matter of fact. I can smell that, too, Shelby.”

I pulled my head back, trying to gape when all I wanted to do was pant like a lusty sorority girl faced with a whole fraternity of beefcakes. “You can smell fact? Does it smell like musty old books?”

“Desire.” Nick’s hand stroked over the waistband on my jeans, lingering just a little too close to my skin. “I can smell your desire. It’s making me want to be a bigger colossal asshole.”

“Bigger being…whatever you—”

Nick nuzzled beneath my chin. Delicate sensation wiggled up my stomach, and I sucked in a lungful of air. His fingers chased the warm shiver as if he could read my body as easily as my expressions. A warm, wet flick along my neck mad me stifle a moan. Had he just licked me?

“Did you…” I could hardly speak with how breathless I was. “Did you rent this movie so you could do this?”


My shirt lifted along his questing arm, exposing my midriff. Nick’s fingers teased beneath my bra, generating tiny sparks of awareness. The nipple closest formed a stiff peak.

Touch it, I silently begged. Aloud, I said, “And the beer?”

“Liquid courage.” Nick yanked my bra cup down and lowered his head to my breast. His hot, moist mouth covered the rigid bud. Sucking lightly and making me groan, Nick tugged at the opposite cup, rolling my newly freed nipple between his thumb and forefinger. If I’d been thinking clearly, this is what I would have silently begged for.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his mouth doing wonderful things to my body. “Only the colossal asshole has the courage to touch me?”

He lifted his lips. “Only the colossal asshole can handle the rejection when you don’t let him.”

Someone as ridiculously handsome as he was shouldn’t have to worry about rejection. Though, I suppose I had been rather vocal in my dislike of him.

Nick switched sides, laving harder over my untouched nipple. Parts of me that hadn’t been alive in ages throbbed. I made a gurgling sound in the back of my throat.

His head came up, dark eyes pinning mine. “Should I stop?”


Gaze glimmering, he smashed an arm behind my back and tugged me against him. Using speed too disorienting to call running, Nick dashed us through the bedroom door and lowered me onto the bed. I had a half a second to protest before he clutched my hands over my head and bore down on me again. Nick straddled my thighs, kissing and sucking my nipples and everything in between. Tingles of need meant I’d only protest if he went too slowly.

I wanted him. Had probably wanted him from the moment I’d spotted his face peering out of the dinosaur costume. And his asshole behavior had only sharpened the need. But worst of all, the knowledge he was incredibly dangerous might have been the largest allure.

Nick released his hold on my arms so he could unfasten the tiny hooks behind me. I reached down and grabbed my top, yanking it up. The fabric caught on my chin. He relinquished my nipple and rose onto his knees, pressing his erection against my sex. Nick ripped his own shirt over his head, tossing it aside while I finished doing the same with mine. He paused long enough to grind his cock against my aching sex. I gasped and tried to see him through the haze of lust.

God, but he was fucking perfect. Chiseled, lean muscles and sloping lines. I wanted to bite every damn bit of him. And nibble. And suck. And fuck.

Nick laughed, stroking a finger beneath my cheek. “All in good time, Shelby.”

“I don’t like waiting,” I said.
His grin turned feral. “All right. What do you want first?” I nodded at the bulge in his slacks. “I want to see that.” He rolled onto his heels, smirking. “Just to see it?”
“See it, touch it, lick it, shove it inside me.”

Nick’s gaze went darker, harder. “I don’t know which of those I want you to do most.”

I lifted onto my elbow. “Then I’ll pick—”

His torso slammed atop me, forcing my head into his pecs. I yelped and formed a curse on my lips.

“Someone is here,” he hissed, cutting my bitch session short.

Nick rolled over, shielding my body with his as he simultaneously slithered us both to the edge of the bed. I glanced over his shoulder and spotted what he had—a man in the darkness beyond the glass, holding something metallic that caught the moonlight’s gleam.

Nick forced me down, shoving me to the floor.

My hip crashed first, and I swallowed down the pain that shot across my torso.

And then he was up, springing to the sliding glass door. He whipped it open and charged out, bare feet pounding on the patio. His chase continued softer when he hit the grass until I couldn’t hear anything but my own gasps for breath.

Where did he go? And how did he know the person was there?

I pulled into myself, teeth chattering fearfully.
God, please don’t let Nick get hurt helping me.
Footsteps thudded in the distance, growing louder with each fall. Something smacked dull and meaty against what I thought might be my patio.

“Shelby.” Nick’s voice was quiet, but clear through the still open door. “Go to your trunk and get the green thing.”

Oh. Shit.