The Only Sorceress

This urban fantasy series follows Kora Walsh, Hecate’s twenty-five-year old half human daughter. Raised in the Greek Underworld for the first ten years of her life and then tossed onto the Mortal Realm to learn how to be human, she’s only had to do odd jobs for dear old Mom. Now she’s run out of excuses to avoid her destiny. Mom demands she infiltrate the Centralized Coven Coalition–the leaders of the US’s magical community. Kora’s lifelong nemesis Trip giddily plays the role of go-between, causing no end of problems. And the city’s enigmatic vampire leader takes a shine to her. But it’s the coalitions’ most vocal member, Water high priest Desmond Marino that will be Kora’s biggest obstacle.
Failure to do her familial duty is not an option, not when Trip is assured her failed soul for an eternity of torture.

  • Name: Rebecca “Kora” Walsh
  • Age: 25
  • Kind: “Sorceress”, half human
  • Occupation: Proprietress of Rarities
  • About: Has access to every school of magic, even the supposedly extinct ones. That makes her the most powerful magic user in the world, but her lack of training and experience hold her back. Kora’s goal is to make a successful business without divine assistance. Unlucky in love, Kora has never had a boyfriend because ever since boys have paid attention to her Trip has scared them away.

  • Name: “Trip” Triptothemus
  • Age: 29
  • Kind: Son of a deified human
  • Occupation: Back-up Judge of Diakonos’ and North American’s souls in the Underworld
  • About: Kora’s spoiled childhood nemesis. Son of Triptolemus (the current Judge of Diakonos’ and North American’s souls in the Underworld) and one of the Lampades. Grew up in the Underworld with Kora for the first ten years of her life (and he’s still stuck there). It’s unclear what he wants from Kora beyond making her life miserable.

  • Name: Maximo de Sole
  • Age: 162
  • Kind: Vampire
  • Occupation: Vampire ruler of Wipuk & Sedona (Wipuk’s & Sedona’s First)
  • About: Content ruling his little kingdom. Not content in love. May be secretly running the colony behind the scenes. Seductive and maybe a little smarmy. He quickly becomes a love interest.

  • Name: Desmond Marino
  • Age: 36
  • Kind: Water witch
  • Occupation: High priest of Neptune’s Fellowship, owner of a conservation company
  • About: “Desmond the Dick” is a voting member of the Centralized Coven Coalition–the group Kora is meant to infiltrate. He may be manipulating the coalition to further his goals (whatever those are). He distrusts Maximo, and newcomer Kora. Like Kora’s hair and skin, Desmond uses Water magic to make his skin pale and his hair black.
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